Aile Süiti

Even more comfort than in the Family Room awaits you in our Connection Family Room. Situated in an entire wing of a floor, it provides plenty of space for all those who prefer privacy and intimacy at the same time, offering you a total of 33–36 m2. The whole mini-apartment consists of two rooms across from each other, a separate shower and a separate toilet, all neatly placed in a private corridor. Enjoy being yourself, whether it is with your friends & family or your co-workers… you will have a great stay at the Connection Family Rooms of Portus House in Karaköy. ll rooms of Portus House Istanbul offer free Wi-Fi, an entirely mirrored wall, and complimentary water on the first night.

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Bu oda tipi, birbirine bağlı 2 odadan oluşmaktadır.

3 Tek, 1 Çift Yatak veya 1 Tek, 2 Çift Yatak

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iPod Yuvası

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